Our World

Our Mission:

igniting passion and curiosity for lifelong learning

Our Philosophy:

Montessori Children’s House of Durham strives to educate its students to become Citizens of the World, using the time-proven Montessori principles to embrace academic excellence and guide our children to be active thinkers and joyful learners. We foster independent thinking, inspiring our children to become leaders of tomorrow. We instill respect for the self and one another, and for our planet, enhancing prospects for a peaceful world.

We implement Montessori materials, methodology, and training as we strive to offer a strong foundation for the cognitive, social and emotional development of each individual child as well as developing a strong sense of both the local and the global community. We are committed to enriching our children’s learning experiences through the guidance of expert teachers and a diverse curriculum.  Resilience, perseverance, and cultivating passions are our hallmarks.