Extended Care

    After School Staff

  • Kesley Spaulding

    After School Director

    Kelsey joined the MCHD community in 2013 as a Toddler Assistant Teacher and became After School Director in 2014. She is an Atlanta, GA native, where she attended a Montessori school from ages 2 1/2 to 6. Her favorite works were the Puzzle Maps, Multiplication Finger Chart, and Parts of a Flower. After graduating with a degree in Developmental Psychology from UGA in 2007, she took the AMI Primary training (3-6 yr olds) at the Montessori Institute of Atlanta and finished a Masters in Education from Loyola College in Maryland. She worked as both lead and assistant teachers in Montessori classrooms for 5 years. In an effort to bring Montessori principles to more children, she also consulted for families and helped a school in MN re-design it’s Summer Camp program. After living in the Midwest and Texas, she and her husband moved to Chapel Hill in 2013 so that he could begin work as a Post-Doc at UNC. From the moment she stepped foot on the MCHD campus, she knew it was a special place. In her spare time she loves to cook, eat, read, and take long walks with her husband and mutt, Tucker. She especially loves a good latte.

  • Jami Haigler

    Early Childhood Lead Instructor in After School

    Joining MCHD in 2013, Jami is a native North Carolinian, born and raised in Chapel Hill. She received her AAS in Early Childhood Education at Alamance Community College and an AAS in Horticulture at Sandhills Community College. Jami has worked with young children in a variety of settings over the past 14 years, including preschool, summer camp, after care, and child care. In her spare time she enjoys gardening and amateur bee keeping.

  • Eleftheria Matzouka

    Early Childhood Assistant Instructor in After School

    Eleftheria is a native of Greece, who is currently studying and training for her early childhood Montessori certification (AMS). She earned two Bachelor degrees in archaeology (AUA, Athens) and history (ECU, NC), and a Master’s from ECU. She practiced in Greece, and interned for the Department of Marine Antiquities in Athens as an underwater archaeologist. The past five years, she developed a deep love and respect for the child working with children of preschool age as an assistant in various environments and camps, including Montessori schools. She was thrilled to join MCHD in 2014. Eleftheria sees the Child as the ‘archaeologist’ in constant discovery the past – all that exists before him, and how it relates in all senses to the present. A mother of two sons, she spends most of the year in NC and summers in Greece, visiting remote places, taking pictures of nature, archaeological sites and people. When not reading mythology and history to her sons, or learning about the Olympic games, or jogging in the woods, the family spends time cooking Mediterranean dishes, sharing stories of their ancestors as well as folklore songs and dances.

  • Emily Cizek

    Early Childhood and Kindergarten Assistant Instructor in After School

    Emily grew up in Virginia and studied Anthropology at Princeton University, during which time she taught environmental science lessons to elementary school students and supervised high school volunteers at a children’s hospital. After college she worked at a language training school near D. C., happily eating and dancing her way across cultures with co-workers from around the world. In 2012 she moved to North Carolina and began studying mathematics as a post-bac, with plans to teach; however, she felt a strong pull toward Montessori schools and is now excited to pursue certification in the near future (continuing with math as a tutor instead). Emily has always been fascinated by museums and libraries, and admires the Montessori classroom—with its self-directed learning, appealing environment, and knowledgeable guides—as a similarly wonderful way to explore the world. Emily has also worked as a nanny and enjoys spending time with her clever, courageous, and lively nieces and nephew. Emily was thrilled to join the After School staff in 2014. Some of her favorite things are live music, trail runs, good books, and good people.

  • Cindy Hawke-Renn

    Kindergarten Lead Instructor in After School

    MCHD was happy to welcome Cindy to our After School team in 2014. Cindy graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and later worked with corporate and home interior design and illustration for years before owning her own design business. Nearly 20 years ago, when her own children were young, she became a permanent full time substitute at one of their schools. After that year, Cindy was invited to be a full time preschool teacher for children aged 3-6. She currently teaches school in the mornings and joins us for After School programs. She loves children and nurturing their growth.

  • Liz Ludwig

    Elementary Instructor in After School

    Liz has been part of MCHD since 2013 when she joined the After School staff. Originally from the Midwest, She received her BA in Philosophy and German from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. After graduation, she spent a summer working on the U.S.-Mexico border doing humanitarian aid and solidarity work with people of immigrant backgrounds. She spent the following year in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on a Fulbright Fellowship before returning to Arizona in 2011, where she worked in public school language arts and literacy programs. Liz loves teaching and learning from children in the outdoors, and exploring language as an integral part of culture through music, food, art and literature. In her free time, Liz enjoys gardening, hiking, trail running, playing music, soap making, and doing art and craft projects of many kinds.