Our Classrooms

The Montessori Classroom

The classroom settings for all ages encourage collaboration, social skills and responsibility. Each room is unique, bright, inviting, and purposefully arranged to set the stage for focused, calm learning activity.

The teachers each day guide children toward

learning to make decisions in their practical lives,
exploring a myriad of sensory experiences,
savoring the power of words,
reveling in the elegance of mathematics,
cultivating their unique voice through the arts,
discovering continents and cultures in geography,
observing the marvelous wonders of the natural world,
and linking the past to the present through historical studies

Moreover, teaching children to be responsible members of their community, and imparting the skills they need to problem-solve and resolve conflicts, is as important as academic instruction. Students learn to care for themselves, for others, and for their environment, and practice community responsibility and service as part of the curriculum. Each classroom becomes a community built on respect and trust.