Support the Carrie Benoit Salemi Fund

To honor her spirit and nearly 40 years’ dedicated service to MCHD, the Parents Association and the Development Committee are proud to announce a new financial aid fund in honor of Carrie Benoit Salemi, beloved Early Childhood teacher and friend.

Donate here or read more below.

For 37 years Carrie was a constant presence in the MCHD community.  Her work helped build the culture of the school we love.  She had a passion for the children and a passion for the Montessori classroom. Families in other classes often felt the warmth of her smile.  She contributed to those classrooms by sharing, mentoring, and learning from new teachers as they joined our staff.  One of Carrie’s ardent wishes during her long tenure at MCHD was to be able to offer more significant financial aid to families who need it.

Carrie believes wholeheartedly in Montessori’s vision of educating children to be vibrant, joyful Citizens of the Cosmos — and that MCHD itself should be a Citizen of the cosmos, of the world, and of our Durham community.  One way we can practice that kind of citizenship is by helping other families join our school. The CBS Fund will augment the current structure of financial aid at MCHD, increasing the total amount available for financial aid.  It will allow the school to offer placement to students who previously could not have afforded tuition, and provide more help to families whose needs change suddenly.  Please join us in this effort to honor Carrie’s legacy.

There are currently two ways to donate to the Carrie Benoit Salemi Financial Aid Fund:

1.Write a check and send or bring it to the office at 2800 Pickett Rd, Durham NC 27705. Please make it out to: MCHD, memo Financial Aid, Carrie Benoit Salemi Fund.

2.Visit the MCHD website,  Fill out the online giving form.  A section at the bottom of the form reads “I would like my contribution to go to”: please choose “Financial Aid.”  The last section is a memo option. Select “In honor of” and write “Carrie Benoit Salemi” in the text box.  Thank you! All donations are tax-deductible.